Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dyad-COGENT | 2013 | Multi | Full



Title: Dyad
Genre: Action, Indie, Racing
Developer: ][ Games Inc
Publisher: Shawn McGrath
Release Date: 24 Apr 2013
Languages: English*, German*, French*, Italian*, Spanish*
*languages with full audio support


About the Game

Experience a mind-bending, psychedelic sensory overload in Dyad! Blast through a reactive audio-visual tube creating a harmonious synthesis of color and sound as you Hook, Graze, and Lance enemies to master Dyad's 27 unique levels.

Embark on an interactive transformative journey through Dyad's Game Mode campaign to prepare yourself for Trophy Mode's tactical freakout variations. Or choose to sit back and chill with Dyad's hallucinogenic Remix Mode. Transcendence awaits!