Friday, May 15, 2015

Metro Last Light [+dlc][Repack][BlackBox][5GB] | 2013 | Multi-Subs



1DVD | 5.95GB | 31 Links | DLC included


The story takes place after Metro 2033, with a new story guided by Dmitry Glukhovsky but written in house at 4A-Games. The story will continue from the canonical ending of the previous game, in which Artyom presumably destroyed the dark ones. In this setting Artyom, Khan and many others Rangers will join forces once again to defend D6 from many foes including the Fourth Reich, communists and bandits. With this new installment 4A has promised a multitude of new weapons, such as a bolt-action rifle, a hand powered chain gun, a single-shot pistol and a homemade grenade launcher, and new locations to play in. Weapons from Metro 2033 will make a return, such as the ~censored~, Kalash, VSV, Uboinik, and even a new hand-held flamethrower.