Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gun Metal 130 Mb

Gun Metal 130 Mb 100% Working

 Game Description

After a great battle on the planet Earth, the human-race needed to find new resources. Helios was a grand planet, and the humans were able to settle down and become happy once again after such a grueling and exhausting battle on Earth. There was an enemy, though, that remained unnoticed for quite some time. The resulting battle between the races claimed many lives, hampering the human's chances of survival. However, there was hope in the form of a machine. Known as the Havoc Suit, the high-powered machine is able to transform from a mech to a jet fighter, making it the ultimate weapon to counter the opposition's heavy armor and high-tech weapons. You are placed behind this heavily armored, high-tech scrap of metal, and with its great firing powers, you are the humans last hope to prevail against the intruding forces.
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