Thursday, April 30, 2015

Strike Suit Infinity-COGENT FULL | 2013 | Eng


Title: Strike Suit Infinity
Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Born Ready Games Ltd.
Publisher: Born Ready Games
Release Date: 30 Apr 2013
Languages: English*
*languages with full audio support

Ok, cadet. This is it. All your training has brought you to this point - you are here for one reason only: to be the best.

Strike Suit Infinity is a frantic high score chaser where your skill is the only thing that matters. Whatever combat experience you have had so far is considered irrelevant. There is no end to the enemies you will face. There is no winning. There is only the fight for survival.

Take to the cockpit of one of three Strike Suits, engaging waves of enemies, building your multiplier and putting as many points on the board as possible. You’ll need to use your head, though. In between rounds, use credits to purchase upgrades and reinforcements, maximizing your potential in the next round. The longer you can stay alive, the bigger your score, and the higher up the leaderboard you’ll find yourself.